Gigabit Broadband Speeds

Metropolitan homes and businesses connecting to the National Broadband Network are one step closer to gigabit speeds, with a new technology launched today expected to improve the connections for millions of premises. Three million Australians will be connected to the NBN using hybrid fibre coaxial (HFC) cable, typically in capital cities where the home already […]

New Rule: $10m NBN Failure Penalty

It was reported that Australian ISP’s could face fines up to $10m for failing to deliver internet services for more than 6 days. “About time” is the general reaction across media to the new rules which come into force in September 2018. Or, as one publication jokingly asked: sometimes we wait 6 days just to […]

ACMA New NBN Migration Rules

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has announced new rules related to NBN migration to help customers. The new rules will give consumers greater confidence that their telco will make sure their new NBN service will work and provide options when things go wrong. ACMA finalises new telco rules for NBN migration A final set […]

TPG Australia’s Fastest Broadband

TPG Telecom has come the closest of the major telcos to delivering customers the national broadband network speeds they are paying for in the busy evening period. After soaring complaints about NBN internet performance in the past 12 months, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission tested the speed of 400 NBN and ADSL services offered […]

Cables Online Store | Cable Chick

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NBN Speed Complaints Sour

National Broadband Network customers are five times more likely to complain about their service than a non-NBN user, as frustrations continue to surround the nation’s biggest infrastructure project. More than 13,406 complaints were made to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman about NBN services in the last financial year, which accounted for 11.9 per cent of all […]

NBN is already out of date

The NBN is already out of date, but it’s not too late to change course It’s time to ditch the copper-based internet network and go with fibre or we will be left behind. Australia has fallen to 60th in global internet speed rankings. If we fell to 60th in the Olympics medal tally there’d be […]

Malcolm Turnbull promises full fibre NBN

ELECTION WINNER? Malcolm Turnbull promises full fibre NBN for Australia at last In a surprise move, Malcolm Turnbull has finally made the move that practically guarantees him an election win in 2016: a full fibre NBN with the MTM abolished. It’s astonishing what an election will do to politicians desperate for electoral love in an […]

Bigpond boosts 1000GB bundle

Bigpond boosts 1000GB bundle in fight to lock-in customers before NBN arrives Aussie telcos are sweetening their broadband deals as they jostle for position before the National Broadband Network rolls down your street. Regardless of your opinion of the new-look Multi-Technology Mix the primary goal of the NBN was never to use specific technologies or […]

Fibre to the basement – City Apartment Buildings

The NBN, Telstra and TPG are all late to the party in regards to connecting apartment buildings to Fibre networks. Smaller Niche players have been providing fibre connections for a number of years to apartment buildings pre-dating the NBN. Companies such as Melbourne’s City Cable have many of Melbourne’s top high rise apartment buildings connected to Fibre, […]