Fibre to the basement – City Apartment Buildings

The NBN, Telstra and TPG are all late to the party in regards to connecting apartment buildings to Fibre networks. Smaller Niche players have been providing fibre connections for a number of years to apartment buildings pre-dating the NBN.

Companies such as Melbourne’s City Cable have many of Melbourne’s top high rise apartment buildings connected to Fibre, they also have extensive Ethernet cabling installed in their connected buildings allowing for high speeds without the need for VDSL and modems. Most of their buildings are capable of Gigabit speeds making the current NBN offerings pale in comparison.

Gigabit speeds to apartments might seem like overkill right now, but it’s the type of infrastructure that will be required if consumers want to stream all their TV content over the Internet. As streaming movies become more high-definition and are expected to play on multiple devices at once, download speed will become more and more important for consumers.

What’s considered fast now won’t be for long.