Broadband Service Providers

Broadband Provider = “ISP” = Internet Service Provider.

Our interest is entirely AUSTRALIAN Broadband Service Providers.

What is the difference between Cable and ADSL
Cable uses the coaxial cable used to provide pay TV for either Foxtel/Telstra or Optus respectively. Speeds vary from provider to provider. The old Optus plans have speeds of up to 30 megabits download and 2 megabits upload, while the newer plans have 100 megabits download and 2 megabits upload.

Telstra offers 30 megabits download and 1 megabit upload on “Elite”, and 100 megabits download and 2 megabit upload on “Ultimate”.

xDSL – either ADSL or SDSL – Asymmetric/Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line – uses an existing phone line to provide internet access at high speeds, while still allowing the phone line to be used for phone calls/faxes. It does this by transmitting data at very high frequencies, compared to how a regular modem works. Unlike a regular modem which dials in to the ISP, xDSL is always connected as long as the modem is switched on. ADSL is the most common form of broadband, as it doesn’t require special cables built into the street or building, but runs over regular phone lines.

Broadband Service Providers

The big Broadband Service Providers are



The nbn™ network is Australia’s new landline phone and internet network.

It’s designed to provide you with access to all the benefits of fast and reliable internet services, wherever you live.

nbn co limited (nbn) is a government business entity, the team behind the nbn™ network rollout. We are responsible for providing wholesale services to landline phone companies and internet service providers who offer nbn plans for homes and businesses. As a wholesaler, nbn does not sell directly to the public. That means, to move your services over to the nbn™ network, you will need to contact your preferred phone or internet provider and choose a new plan that suits your needs.

Connect to a better future

The nbn™ network presents opportunity in education, business, entertainment, health care and sociability giving everyone the potential to be more productive, more creative, more efficient and more connected for decades to come.

  • Work, life balance –  working from home becomes a real option
  • Connecting with those that matter – enjoy smoother video conferencing
  • Better for busy households – everyone at home can be online at the same time
  • Entertainment for everyone – choice on every connected device in your home
  • A brighter future – improving the education landscape for Australia
  • Healthier options – e-health and telehealth can thrive with fast broadband.

NBN Providers

If you are an access seeker wanting to resell services on the nbn™ network, please contact a certified wholesale service provider below.

Service provider Wholesale Backhaul Phone Website
AAPT 13 88 77
Acurus 1300 885 220
Amcom 1800 428 428
TasNetworks 1800 650 779
iBoss 1300 934 042
iseek 1300 661 668
LOGICIT (Geraldton Only) 08 9964 5464
M2 1300 730 577
Nextgen Networks 1300 653 351
Optus 1300 300 221
PIPE Networks 13 PIPE (13 7473)
Symbio 1300 363 909
Telstra Wholesale 1300 897 378
TransGrid 02 9620 0155