Malcolm Turnbull promises full fibre NBN

ELECTION WINNER? Malcolm Turnbull promises full fibre NBN for Australia at last

In a surprise move, Malcolm Turnbull has finally made the move that practically guarantees him an election win in 2016: a full fibre NBN with the MTM abolished.
It’s astonishing what an election will do to politicians desperate for electoral love in an election year, and with recent political winds turning the voters off Turnbull due to various gaffes of late.

fa1a10796df9ea2e1ec98749b40808e3_MWith Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull only just proposing on Wednesday to give Australian states the right to levy taxes on Australians in each state, something that was said to be political suicide by the listeners of Andrew Bolt and Steve Price on Radio 2GB, Turnbull has finally done the right thing, and is doing so with NBNCo.

Promising a full fibre NBN and a cessation of the MTM nonsense that saw many dub the ‘multi-technology mix’ as ‘Malcolm Turnbull’s Mistake’, opposition leader Bill Shorten was absolutely outraged.

This morning, Bill Shorten pulled out his best technological puns, screeching on early morning radio that “Malware Turnbull cannot be trusted! He is the Ransomware of Australian politics and once he wins he’ll find a way to kill the NBN – it’s what he does!”

Shorten said that Turnbull had actually stolen his idea, as Shorten was getting set to propose a full return to full fibre to the premises NBN network for all Australians later this week.

Indeed, said Shorten, as he is now committed to the same policy, and insists he was gazumped by Turnbull spies, Shorten swears Turnbull is the disingenuous copier of Labor ideas, validating Labor’s brilliant NBN plan after all.

Journalists including us here at iTWire have been trying to contact former PMs Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard as well as former Communications Minister and former No.1 NBN fibre booster Stephen Conroy for comment on the stunning Turnbull flip-flop, but all have frustratingly been uncontactable this morning.

Meanwhile, former PM Tony Abbott is reportedly pleased to see Malcolm finally have an original policy of his own, according to an ABC radio report earlier today.

Interestingly, Federal Communications Minister Mitch Fifield hasn’t as yet been seen or heard from in the media today, with word swirling amongst the Canberra press gallery that perhaps all is not as it seems.

Fifield is said to be courting cross bench support in the Senate for the new policy rollout, with a deadline of midday today for the deal to go through and the fibre NBN to be set in stone, as Federal law.

Otherwise the word is that if the midday deadline is missed, everyone would end up looking like an April Fool and the deal would be off.

We await the midday deadline to see what happens.

ELECTION WINNER? Malcolm Turnbull promises full fibre NBN for Australia at last

Source: 01 April 2016 By Alex Zaharov-Reutt Published in Fuzzy Logic